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Gatorfoam is a unique, strong, laminated panel with a core of extruded polystyrene and a face made of resin impregnated wood fiber veneer commonly known as Luxell.  It is an interior, exterior panel, great for structural and all model usage.  It can be cut with a variety of woodworking tools, Xacto or matt knife.  It accepts all types of paints, stains and adhesives.  It comes in
various thicknesses in 4 x 8 and
5 x 10 foot sheets.

When using outdoors care must be taken to protect the edges against ultraviolet light.  Gatorfoam is the perfect choice for module building and all around modeling techniques.

Gatorfoam is a registered product of 3A Composites, USA.
Gatorfoam Backdrops
Gatorfoam Diorama Bases
 Greetings and welcome to our website.  It's been a while since I updated this site and a lot of you let me know!  It's the middle of winter up here in VT and a great time to model...and that's my excuse.  I try to get 2-3 evenings a week in the train room and that time flies!  I have been making some progress on the layout and some of you have asked about using Gatorfoam as a sub-roadbed.  That's the subject of the "Gatorfoam Project of the Month".  We go into detail about using GF as your sub-roadbed.  Take a minute and check it out.  Also, I'd like to thank Art Fahie and the gang at Bar Mills models for plugging Gatorfoam in their 
Cundy Village video.  Thanks guys!  Remember we're here to provide you with any "Gator-Aid" you need.   Stay tuned and Thanks!  Dave 


This is the latest scratch build/kit combo I completed for Ayers Junction on my layout.  It's
cantilevered to fit a 2 level area.  The base is 1/2" Gatorfoam with a vertical support of 1/2"
and the cantilever of 3/16".  The top section is the planning mill from the BTS McCabe Lumber mill while the lower section is all scratch built.  It drops in the layout and is easily removed.

Site update 2/18/2015
Gatorfoam does contain some Formaldehide. Please use caution when cutting and handling. MSDS sheets are available on request.