I got my start in model railroading the same as all the other little boys in the 50's with the Christmas train set.  But it wasn't long until I was begging my dad to leave the trains up all year.  About the same time my parents also noted I was always drawing and painting.  After excelling at art, thanks to some great middle and high school teachers, I was off to a boring year at college and  then a 10 year run as Set Designer for educational television.  During those 10 years I started a commercial sign business.  After 30 sucessful years running my sign shop my wife and I semi-retired to Vermont where I continue working in the sign biz for Dave Couch Signs in Stowe.

During all those years the trains were never far away.  Layouts came and went and when I finally arrived in Vermont I built my "dream" layout in the second story of our preserved 1820's barn.  The layout occupies an 18' x 29' room built within the existing exterior walls of the barn.
The layout is The Mid Atlantic &
New England, or the MANE. I rec-
eived some Western Maryland
equipment from a dear friend who
passed away and added that to
my CV and other New England
railroad booty and the MANE was

​As I built my railroad(s) I always
reached for the Gatorfoam as my
modeling substrate.  I immediately
started using it for bases and ex-
panded from there to subroadbed,
backdrops and module surfaces.
I knew from using it in the sign
business it held up extremely well,
machined great and took paint and
stains without warping.  What other
product could compare?  Remember...

"Every model building deserves a great foundation!"

Overall view of the MANE RR
Dave Myers
Port Saint Harvey
Bills Falls at Port St. Harvey
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October  2015   Timonium, MD
The Great Scale Model Train Show
January 25-26,  2015   Springfield, MA
Amherst Railway Society Train Show
Gatorfoam clinic Fine Scale EXPO 2013  Photos by Jaime Zepeda
 March  14, 2015  St. Albans, Vermont
              Vermont Rails 2015 Train Show
 Below are some shots of my clinic at the Craftsman EXPO.  It was a great turnout and one of the
highlights of my 2nd visit to a really high quality craftsman kit show.  I continue to make new friends and I'm looking forward to the next get together.  I hope to see you in Scranton in March.   Dave

 September  2015  Rutland, Vermont
                1 Day show Rutland Rails Hist. Society