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Modelers Gallery
 We meet all types of modelers at train shows and
conventions.  Many ideas I've used were given to me
by other craftsmen.  Here we will showcase photos and
comments of other talented modelers on how they use Gatorfoam.  If you've used Gatorfoam in a unique way
please let us know.
Customer Comments
 "The Gatorfoam was perfect for  my base, and it'll certainly be my choice for my
next layout."    Jeff Newburg, Reading, PA

"We like using 1/2" thick black Gatorfoam for our projects...our dioramas are all
extremely stable as the product is designed for outdoor use and doesn't warp...
& weighs next to nothing!"  Art Fahie,  Bar Mills Models
"Dave, many thanks for your support & great product.  I could not have built this
layout without it."  Howard Zane,  Columbia, MD
"In six years of train shows there have been no issues with the Gatorboard modules.  It is lightweight but incredibly strong.  Unlike foam core, Gatorboard doesn't warp or curl.  It also seems impervious to water and moisture too"
Walt Muren, Four County Society of Model Engineers, Frederick, MD
"I'm still recommending your Gatorfoam to all my customers.  I love the way it
works for diorama bases."  Jeff Grove, Carolina Craftsman Kits 
This little gem is a work in progress by Rob Weinstein.  A beautiful wharf scene in progress built up on 1/2" black Gatorfoam.  The next steps are to add water of choice and details.  Keep in mind that you can use all the regular scenery techniques without fear of warping or twisting. I like to use PHENOSEAL latex adhesive caulking when attaching larger models or completed kits.  when I'm building "as I go" I'll use AILEENS Tacky glue.  Both work equally well.  Thanks to Rob for sending his photos and if you're working on a Gatorfoam modeling project please send us some in progress shots.  Happy Modeling!  Dave